Let’s do this!

Hello, hello!  What a crazy, spontaneous and wonderful life we live; so much sadness and wonderful joy!  A good friend of mine once told me that I’ve lived different lives. I think I understand what she meant. There have been so many phases, each so different. But one constant has remained despite the situation or some of my decisions: God. Even when I didn’t have a bible or even attend a church, God was always near me and in my heart.

So that’s great but what does this matter to you, you might be thinking.  Well, as a young adult and a believer I can admit that I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.  Sure I’ve followed the standard blueprint: go to high school; play sports; go to college; hope you found the right man; realize he’s definitely not the right man; complete college; hope you now found the right man; nope, not the right man; be an overachiever and even get a graduate degree!; find a job; realize I’m not even using my degree; find an amazing man; move across the country for another job that’s still not utilizing my degree or my skills… so now what? I have all of these weird random life phases but can I really get anything good from them?

That’s where the miraculousness of God comes in.  He shines through in so many memories as I think back and I realize that I had no idea how much He was working in my life at the time.  It’s like watching a desert thunderstorm through a rear-view mirror; the spectacular lightning bolts flashing through the mirror when you had no idea there was a storm above you at all when you drove through.  Silly metaphors, I know…

But it was in this down-trodden hopeless state of commiserating over past mistakes and hypothetical futures where God pulled on my heart… and hard!  I shrugged it off the first time but God can be pretty obvious when He wants to be.  So a month or so after feeling the heart tug, God sent a clear message to me about my stories: SHARE!! What an embarrassing idea, right? No way!! To tell the truth some of the stories are pretty embarrassing, but the amazingly wonderful fact is that God still loves us through our embarrassing moments! He created each of us out of love and wants to be a part of us and our lives.  So whether your day is great or horrible, He is always with you! Others might laugh at that or think that idea is “weird” and that “religion shouldn’t be talked about”, but why?

Each and every day is a new trial to fit in work, exercise, friend time, family time, sleep, TV time, reading, learning that instrument you always said you’d learn, and oh yeah, God time! There is so much going on in our lives now and so many influences that it can seem like a chore to take time for God.  And I get it! As I’m writing this I’m literally thinking about whether I’ve even read any scripture today or not.  But you know what? No one is perfect even if we are all trying, but God still loves us.

God has been so great and awesome that once you hear Him call your name, praising Him becomes the best part of the day!So after all of this blabbering on (and just for an introduction), I hope that sharing my day-to-day interactions can help others in anyway. We’re all human and we’re all flawed but even through it all, God’s got you!

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